2020 apple ipad air (10. 9-inch, wi-fi, 64gb) – sky blue (4th era)

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  • beautiful 10. 9-inch liquid retina display with true tone and p3 wide coloration
  • a14 bionic chip with neural engine
  • touch id for comfortable authentication and apple pay
  • 12mp returned digicam, 7mp facetime hd front digicam
  • to be had in silver, space grey, rose gold, green, and sky blue
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technical details

apple ipad air – 10. 9-inch (4th generation)


10. 9‑inch liquid retina show


64gb, 256gb


a14 bionic chip with 64-bit architecture neural engine

digital camera and video

12mp wide digital camera with smart hdr and 4k video at 24 fps, 30 fps, or 60 fps

front digital camera

7mp truedepth the front digicam with smart hdr

battery existence

up to ten hours of surfing the internet on wi‑fi or looking video.; up to nine hours of surfing the internet the usage of mobile records network



inside the field

ipad air, usb-c price cable (1 meter), 20w usb-c strength adapter


nine. 74 inches (247. 6 mm)


7 inches (178. 5 mm)


zero. 24 inch (6. 1 mm)


1. 0 pound (458 grams) wireless model; 1. 01 kilos (460 grams) wireless + mobile model

launch date



64GB, 256GB


Green, Rose Gold, Silver, Sky Blue, Space Gray


WiFi, WiFi + Cellular

6 reviews for 2020 apple ipad air (10. 9-inch, wi-fi, 64gb) – sky blue (4th era)

  1. WheezingLamb

    This new iPad Air, on the surface, isn’t anything groundbreaking. It’s a bit faster, a bit thinner, a bit lighter, and a bit shinier than all the tablets I’ve used before. But, taken altogether–and taken along with the second-gen Apple Pencil–it feels like an entirely new experience. I haven’t been this struck by a new device in a while. Over the years, I’ve owned three or four iPads, a few Android tablets, and a few convertible touchscreen laptops running various OSes. I’ve always been partial to Samsung because of the S Pen, and I’ve owned a couple of Galaxy Tabs and the Chromebook Pro: I love taking handwritten notes during meetings, and I like writing my first drafts by hand. But this device, with the Pencil, is leaps and bounds better than any other tablet I’ve used. Writing and drawing on it feels completely intuitive and fluid. The responsiveness of the interface with the pencil is amazing–it reproduces my handwriting (chicken scratch that it is) perfectly. And more than that, the built-in handwriting recognition in the OS is frankly astounding. Either using the Scribble feature to handwrite form entries or using the Notes app’s feature that lets you search your handwritten notes, everything works FAR better than I expected them to. Let me reiterate: my handwriting is atrocious. And yet, this iPad is able to decipher my hieroglyphics with a frequency that actually makes the feature really useful–I was expecting it to be little more than a gimmick, as in the past handwriting recognition apps have been completely useless for me. There’ve been a few times where I actually giggled out loud when the iPad recognized something I’d written that I could barely read myself. Outside of how perfectly the iPad, iPadOS14, and Pencil have all integrated into my workflow, the design of the device itself is very nice, and the build quality is excellent. The tablet feels oddly light while still feeling very sturdy. And it’s thin–even Apple’s marketing images really don’t do it justice. And obviously the new processor is nice, though I won’t pretend to have done enough to even come close to pushing its limits. But the entire experience has been very smooth, even playing around with video editing and trying to find the most graphically-intensive games on the App Store I could. Haven’t seen any lag or stuttering at all. All that said, it’s not perfect. I do wish Apple was finally putting OLEDs into more of their devices outside of the iPhone. The screen on this really is gorgeous, don’t get me wrong. And the blacks aren’t awful or anything. But given how great everything else is on this device, having a backlit screen–as advanced and pretty as it is–just feels weird. And I’m kind of ambivalent about the power button TouchID. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled the Home button is gone, but I think I’d kinda prefer FaceID. The TouchID on this iPad works great, and it does work very quickly, but I’m spoiled by being used to just tapping the screen on my iPhone and having it unlock itself automatically. Anyway, those minor gripes aside, this is a great little device, it fit itself into my workflow immediately. I think the highest praise I can give it is that it’s amazing how quickly it effectively disappeared: within a couple days of using it, I stopped noticing it, because everything about writing and taking notes with the iPad and the Pencil felt second nature, it felt like it had always been there. Couldn’t be happier with this purchase. Read more

  2. Florida

    Having had ipad , ipad air 2, I would have to say this is the best one yet. Compared to my previous ones, this is blindingly fast, easy to transition and load all my apps from my ipad air 2. I took a bit of time to get used to no home button, but not an issue and the larger screen is a plus. Bottom line, I think this is the best model, unless you absolutelt need the additional features of the ipad pro. ONLY issue I have is with the method of shipment from Amazon. I am a prime member and appreciated the fact that I ordered my two ipad air 4’s on the 23 rd of Oct and got them the 25th. Super! My only issue is them being delivered by USPS, dropped off on my front door, no signature or anything else for $1300 worth of product. Luckily I am in a great neighborhood, but one would expect UPS or FEDEX with a signature. Got them ok though and am very happy with my purchase. And am 99% satisfied with Amazon as well. Read more

  3. Amazon Customer

    doesn’t work that great slow, to many apps person over 65 to many apps to hard to set up, set-up finger print ok but what if you have other person you want to use it YES you can by pass that but need more user friendly for person over 68 and map area outdated and a person can got somewhere else for a lot less and not apple that I would like apple but didn’t always wanting to try new things but didn’t like it some many but I didn’t this was just my opinion thank you Read more

  4. Dylan

    I purchased this as a sort-of alternative to my laptop. Just something to surf the web and social media on and play the occasional game. The speakers on this thing are INCREDIBLE. So loud and full of depth, it’s great to stream music off of. Totally recommend this for the casual user, and with it’s new chipset, this thing can handle some serious multitasking for the not-so casual. If you’re on the fence about buying an iPad Pro, I recommend you consider this as an option instead, unless video editing is something you’re planning to do constantly. I have no quarrel with this product! It has served me well so far. Read more

  5. Jim Pierson

    I held off replacing my iPad Air 2 in hopes the Air 4 would be worth it. So far, the Air 4 has worked flawlessly. The migration was so easy and fast; just backup old iPad to iCloud then using the same Apple ID do a Restore from Backup to the new iPad. All my apps and their associated data was installed in Air 4. Incredible! The graphics are beautiful, the new CPU is very fast, I’ve been an iPhone 11 user for a while so the absence of the Home button wasn’t a big deal, but I do find myself reaching to the where the Home button used to be. I had considered the low-end iPad Pro but Air 4 costs less and for my needs, gets the job done. You won’t be disappointed. PS- I got free next day shipping with Amazon, too. That’s a big plus. Read more

  6. Brian S.

    I think this particular iPad will be a pretty big deal for those looking for (almost) iPad Pro power and functionality, with a slightly better price tag. I love my purchase, and this new iPad Air is really a nice step up from the iPad 7th gen that I’m trading in. I highly recommend this new iPad Air!! Read more

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